Thursday, February 14, 2013

Refresh your shell when the filesystem is out of sync

This tip could be so obvious that you savvy reader could laugh at me or wonder why to write a blog post about it. But this problem bothered me since a while.

In particular when dealing with svn.

If you are in a command line shell and and you update or checkout the remote resources it could happen that your shell session is not able to see the modifications. It could be that you download a file via svn co but an ls command doesn't reflect the modification showing the new file.

It's like if the filesystem is out of sync.

In these cases, you could already discovered yourself that if you change folder and you revert back to it, the shell session "updates" it's content and shows you the files you were looking for.

Well, this works but it have always annoyed me to change folder to trigger this behaviour.

Until the other day. When I discovered that

cd .

Does the trick! Without changing folder, you are now able to refresh your folder view!

I hope this post could help someone else with the same problem, since when I tried to look for the solution on the internet the last time, I wasn't able to find the right combination of keyword to spot this tip that I am sure is out there!


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