Sunday, September 13, 2009

About the title

Someone may be thinking about the meaning of the title of this blog: "Someday Never Comes".

Well, it's the title of a beautiful Creedence Clearwater Revival song. In the song, the singer yell his unsatifsfaction about the idea that every time, during all his life, he asked a question, he was told that he'll understand the answer someday in future. And he sings that the problem is right that this someday never comes.

Well, this is like a metaphore about learning to me. I work, study, read a lot of stuff and there's alway some other interesting stuff to learn. Something to dive into. Some old concept that gains a complete new meaning to me today, even the sentence that describe it is the same old one.

So "Someday Never Comes" represents to me this sort of mix betwen a complain and a joy. That there always something to think about.

The day i'll know all that i need never comes.

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