Sunday, September 13, 2009

The motivation i needed

I've configured this blog long time ago. And i've never found the time or ispiration to start writing on it.

Today i've read a Dustin post that enumerates the benefit of blogging, from a reader perspective, not from a writer one. And the sentence that encouraged me was when is writing about how useful could be a simple post in which you just explain how you solved a little problem. That is, you don't have to be Martin Fowler to have something that deserve to be read.
It often happens to me that i found googling solutions to simple question, often in a easier way than browse through a full api documentation, so, i chose that Dustin is right and i'll start to write about my daily experience.

My plan are to write about the thing i've just learnt about Groovy, Grails, Pattern Design, PHP and Drupal.

Hope to be helpful for anyone someday. Oh, yeah, and hope to leverage my english too...

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