Saturday, August 4, 2012

Gollum Personal Wiki on Openshift

My tabs are begging me to be closed. Even Firefox asks the same.

I have decided that I need to store some of that information somewhere, and that I couldn't just rely on Bookmarks mechanism since I haven't read properly all of those pages and I wouldn't be able to search for the info I would need.

So I have decided I needed a personal wiki.

I wanted something that I could easily push on the web, on Openshift ideally.

I've found out this post:

That suggest the usage of Gollum, a personal Wiki based on Sinatra/Rails.

You do not need to know anything about the underlying technology to deploy and use it.

When you want to use it offline, you just have to un


and the command will execute an in memory webserver that will host locally your wiki. You can start to use it, to read and write what you need and once in a while you just have to push to Openshift git repository to publish all your work online.

The tutorial is a little outdated but it's easy to understand what to change to obtain the result.

If you need any help just drop a line ;)


Fedora needs  python-pygments and python-develfor the code syntax features

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