Monday, September 14, 2009

The first present Groovy has made me...

Once again i'm moving from Dustin word. Please, don't worry, i'm not a sort of maniac, it's just a coincidence! =)

In my presentation post i wrote that i'd like to talk about Groovy, Grails, Patterns AND Php and Drupal.

And Dustin in his encouraging comment showed an interest in the first three subject. Well, i totally agree with him!

Actually i hate Php (and i just started to stop hating Drupal CMS).

I come from a Java experience. Event spent time on the SCJP to dig deeper. And as you may guess this is enough to love Groovy.
And Design Patterns, you know, are the vocabulary of this work, and a wonderful exercise to understand what Object Oriented Programming really means. (I want to speak about this in another post...)
I've found a common feeling of repulsion between my coworkers and friends, about web programming and i feel this too.
But i have to admit that our feelings were born with the early days of web programming, full of confusion, improvisation and stress caused by the (actually never ended) browsers war. I bet that these same feelings moved people to invent stuff like Struts, Rails and Grails... And because those people hated web programming so much they managed to realize wonderful products that relief us from the sufferings of spaghetti web programming.

But due to my new job requests i'm stuck with php even with those good products around!


But listen what i'm discovering in my desperation: that some of the Groovy features i liked that make me consider java as obsolete are present... I recognize it, i do not know how long those features are there but i discover them only today .

And i have to admit the probably i'm able to understand and use the native syntax for maps, closures and parameters defaults without difficulty thanks to the time spent learning Groovy...

In italian we use to say that this kind of silly discovers are like the discovery of hot water.

Sure it is... But i just happy for path that casually drove me through all these step and that took me here.

What's the lesson? Well, maybe someone raised in Php, could make the jump to the Java/Groovy world with less pain than i could ever figured...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

About the title

Someone may be thinking about the meaning of the title of this blog: "Someday Never Comes".

Well, it's the title of a beautiful Creedence Clearwater Revival song. In the song, the singer yell his unsatifsfaction about the idea that every time, during all his life, he asked a question, he was told that he'll understand the answer someday in future. And he sings that the problem is right that this someday never comes.

Well, this is like a metaphore about learning to me. I work, study, read a lot of stuff and there's alway some other interesting stuff to learn. Something to dive into. Some old concept that gains a complete new meaning to me today, even the sentence that describe it is the same old one.

So "Someday Never Comes" represents to me this sort of mix betwen a complain and a joy. That there always something to think about.

The day i'll know all that i need never comes.

The motivation i needed

I've configured this blog long time ago. And i've never found the time or ispiration to start writing on it.

Today i've read a Dustin post that enumerates the benefit of blogging, from a reader perspective, not from a writer one. And the sentence that encouraged me was when is writing about how useful could be a simple post in which you just explain how you solved a little problem. That is, you don't have to be Martin Fowler to have something that deserve to be read.
It often happens to me that i found googling solutions to simple question, often in a easier way than browse through a full api documentation, so, i chose that Dustin is right and i'll start to write about my daily experience.

My plan are to write about the thing i've just learnt about Groovy, Grails, Pattern Design, PHP and Drupal.

Hope to be helpful for anyone someday. Oh, yeah, and hope to leverage my english too...